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Body - Exercise and Fitness

Drain Your Lymph Nodes and Regain Your Health

Kelly Drummond


It’s quite common for the lymphatic system to become blocked. You may have experienced the congestion of a cold or the swelling of your lymph nodes during throat, ear or lung infections. Over time, the toxins that build up in the lymph nodes can weaken our immune systems and make us more susceptible to viruses.  Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle and safe way to stimulate fluid circulation and increase the body’s immune system.

What is Lymphatic Drainage Therapy?

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT) sounds scarier than it is. It’s actually a very gentle massage to the lymph nodes. This massage helps to circulate fluids and remove toxins from your system. While it may seem that you could massage your own lymph nodes the rhythm, pressure, direction and anatomical placement of the massage are all very important factors that are best left to a skilled and trained practitioner. There are lymph nodes on the side of the head and neck, in the arms, upper and lower trunk and legs.

Lymphatic drainage practitioners most often use a form of ‘mapping’ also known as Manual Lymphatic Mapping (MLM) that allows them to access the lymphatic pathways. There are specific directions of lymphatic flows in the body and mapping allows the practitioner to find the pathways with fluid stagnation and alternative pathways for healing. Once these pathways are determined a gentle touch with light pressure and wavelike, pulsating movements will be used on these pathways to stimulate toxin release and a clearing of these passageways.

Self Lymphatic Drainage through Rebounding

There are many ways to stimulate your own lymphatic drainage. For instance, you can give yourself massages and use exercise to help keep a healthy lymph system. Many people enjoy using a ‘rebounder’, a small trampoline-like piece of exercise equipment, to promote lymphatic health. Many doctors suggest using the rebounder due to the fact that jumping on it causes a gravitational pull (and surge upwards) that causes you lymphatic system to clear its own valves and keep a smooth running of fluids running throughout your entire body. Rebounding is a simple and easy way to regulate the flow of fluids in the body and keep a healthy immune system. It may sound too easy, but jumping on a trampoline or rebounder is a perfect exercise to promote natural lymphatic drainage.

Lymphatic Health

While lymphatic drainage is a wonderful way to keep your immune system healthy, it has many other benefits. It is known to detoxify the body, reduce swelling, relieve pain and regenerate tissue around wounds, wrinkles, burns or stretch marks. Lymphatic drainage is also known to reduce fibromyalgia and fatigue syndrome. Many believe it has anti-aging affects, improves the memory and can be a helpful aid for insomnia and stress. 

About the Author/Author Bio

Jaye Drummond, editor-in-chief

Healing Headquarters LLC
443 Willow Road
Suite 101
Springfield, OH 45502
Telephone: (888) 732-8745
Facsimile: (937) 360-2652

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